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Pet Dental in Sugar Land, TX

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Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning for Dogs & Cats

Periodontal disease is very common in dogs, in fact, 85% of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old. This happens because plaque builds up on their teeth and hardens, leading to inflammation in their gums and other tissues surrounding their teeth. Unlike humans, animals do not brush their teeth every day so they’re unable to remove plaque before it hardens. This can lead to pain, bleeding gums, and tooth loss, as well as leave them susceptible to serious infections. That is why we at Wishbone Pet Care partner with Healthy Smile Pet Dental to offer affordable, non-anesthetic dental cleanings for dogs and cats once each month. We put the safety of our animals first and strive to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for your pets. We trust the highly-trained technicians at Healthy Pet Dental to help us accomplish that.

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Healthy Smile Pet Dental is a leader in pet dentistry. We offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings for dogs & cats. This is the safest way to clean your pet's teeth. The procedure takes roughly 45 mins-1 hour and is performed by one of our highly trained technicians.


Come visit us at our Missouri City or Sugar Land location. We focus on your pet's wellness and only carry the higher quality food, treats, toys and more.