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Wishbone Pet Care

We Open Saturday at 9:00 AM
4729 Hwy 6
Missouri City, TX, 77459
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Welcome to Wishbone Pet Care

We're not your average pet boarding and grooming spot—we're all about giving your furry friend the VIP treatment. Our concierge team isn't just here to answer questions; we're here to get to know you and your pet personally. Need something special? Just ask! Whether it's booking your pet's appointment or scheduling in-home dental cleaning, we've got you covered. Plus, we have a list of other pet-related services we can recommend, so don't hesitate to reach out. Because here at Wishbone, your pet isn't just a guest; they're family, and we're here to make sure their stay is nothing short of amazing.

10 Unique Reasons to Choose Wishbone Pet Care
1. Expert Grooming Services:
Our experienced groomers work with patience and skill to ensure your pet looks and feels their best, using gentle techniques and high-quality products.
2. Exceptional Boarding Experience: Treat your pet to the ultimate getaway with our all-inclusive boarding. All boarding includes bedding, a blanket, daily housekeeping, mealtime service, potty breaks, and an hour of group playtime.
3. Engaging Daycare Programs: Our daycare programs are designed to keep pets mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.
4. Unique Bonding Opportunities: Our training programs and activities strengthen the bond between pets and owners, complementing our holistic approach to pet care.
5. Wellness Support: Our membership includes regular wellness check-ups by experienced vet techs, ensuring proactive care and monitoring of your pet's health and well-being.
6. Holistic Approach: Our holistic approach to pet care considers the physical, emotional, and behavioral well-being of each pet, addressing not just symptoms but underlying causes to promote long-term health and happiness.
7. Nutritional Counseling: Nutrition is the foundation of pet health, and at Wishbone Pet Care, we take a personalized approach to ensure every pet receives the nourishment they need to thrive.
8. Concierge Services: Our dedicated team handles everything from appointments to special accommodations, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your pet.
9. Community Engagement: We're actively involved in local pet initiatives and partnerships with rescue organizations, extending our care beyond our facility.
10. Heartfelt Hospitality: Experience genuine warmth and compassion from our team—your pet is family here, whether they're here for boarding, grooming, daycare, or training.


Elevate Your Pet's Nutrition with our Wide Range of Fresh, Holistic, and High-Quality Pet Products.



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We love our customers from Missouri City and other areas around Stafford, Sugar LandFresnoRosharonSienna Plantation, Pearland, Greatwood, and Richmond!

Come visit us at our Missouri City or Sugar Land location. We focus on your pet's wellness and only carry the higher quality food, treats, toys and more.