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  1. A deposit of $40 is due at the time you make your reservation to hold an overnight boarding reservation. No-shows will forfeit the deposit. 
  2. Cancellations require 5-business days notice to avoid forfeiture of deposit. (non-refundable/non-transferable) 
  3. Advance reservations are required for daycare and boarding space. Walk-ins will be accommodated on space-available basis.


  1. Boarding is charged per night. 100% of payment is due at the time of pick up. We accept payments of cash or credit card. 
  2. To help avoid an upset tummy, please bring your pet’s regular food in pre-measured and pre-marked zip lock bags. 
  3. If you have a senior pet or pet with special needs, please inform us so we can make to accommodate their needs. 
  4. Check-in time is after 12:00 pm (Monday – Saturday); early check-in is $10/pet if check-in is before 12:00 pm. (We open as early as 7:15am) 
  5. Check-out time is no later than 12 pm from Monday-Saturday. $10 will be added if pick up is past 12pm. Pets not checked out prior to 5 pm will be charged for boarding on that day unless your pet has an exit grooming appointments. 
  6. $3 per day will be added if we feed your dog our food. 
  7. Additional $3 charge per day for any pet that needs medication administrated. Please note, we require documentation from your vet explaining what medications your pet will be taken and for what purpose. If your pet has a contagious disease, we cannot accept your pet. All medication must be in the original prescription bottles provided by the vet. 
  8. Long-Term Boarding: Long-term boarding is any overnight stay that lasts, without break, for 14 days or longer. We require a valid credit card and signed authorization for charges on file for all long-term boarding. Any client choosing to board their pet long term will be charged for boarding services every 14 days. Please be advised that we will only charge the pre-authorized amount which may not cover additional services such as baths, grooming, insurance, food charges, or any other optional service you request during your pets stay. We will collect payment for these additional charges upon pick-up. 
  9. We cannot accept beds or bedding that cannot fit into a standard washer or dryer. Please do not bring toys or chews that require supervision, these items will not be given to your pet and will be returned to you upon pick up.

Doggy Daycare:

  1. All dogs must be neutered/spayed, 6 months or older to attend doggy daycare. 
  2. Our dogs are divided into multiple playgroups by size, age, and level of activity. We reserve the right to include or exclude specific dogs based on temperament and activity level. 
  3. All dogs enrolling in daycare or booking a boarding reservation must first pass a temperament assessment. Monday-Saturday: $10 for temperament test. 
  4. Please call to schedule your temperament test. Be prepared to leave your pet at least 30 minutes. Please call for an appointment. 
  5. Half-day of daycare (up to 3 hours) is $10. After 3 hours passed, it will consider a full day of daycare: $20 (small/medium dog) or $25 (big dog) 
  6. Dog pick-up time is anytime before we close at 6pm. There will be a $10 charge for every 15 minutes after 6pm.

General Policies Applied To All Services

  1. Personal Items: Do not bring items with your pet that are valuable or irreplaceable. Wishbone Pet Care is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item or toy left with your pet.
  2. Your pet must be pick up no later than closing time (Monday – Friday 7:15am – 6pm & Saturday 9am – 5pm). As a courtesy, we will allow 15 minutes after closing time to allow you to pick up with a pet with an additional $10 late fee. After 15 minutes passed, we will have to boarding your pet. Boarding cost will be added to your bill. 
  3. Your pet must be healthy with no communicable diseases or suffer from any disability, illness, or other condition, which could have an adverse effect on the health of, or could jeopardize the safety of another pet. 
  4. Your pet does not show serious aggression or threatening behavior to any person or other pet. Any pet exhibiting dangerous aggressive behaviors toward a person or another pet may not be accepted for services in the future. 
  5. If your pet arrives at the facility with fleas and/or other parasites, we have the right provide the appropriate treatment for their removal and quarantine your pet until picked up, however, such service will be at your additional expense. 
  6. You acknowledge the understanding that your pet is in a multi-dog play environment and as such may have dirty feet, injuries, scratches, nicks, sore paws, strained and exercised muscles and even torn tendons. You acknowledge that you are financially responsible for all injuries to your pet. 
  7. Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of all pets in our facility. However, accident does happen, You acknowledge and agree that in the unlikely event your pet is injured by another pet, you will not hold us responsible for the injury. If your pet injures another pet, you will be solely responsible for any injure to the other pet(s) as well as your own pet. 
  8. You acknowledge and agree that there is a risk of injury, illness or death in any environment associated with numerous pets. You also understand there are risks of injuries, illnesses or death resulting from stress, fights, rough play, and contagious diseases. Knowing these inherent risks and dangers, you will not hold Wishbone Pet Care responsible for any injury, illness, death or damage caused by your pet and that you’re am solely responsible for your pet. Therefore, you hereby release Wishbone Pet Care from and against any claim, liability or cause of action relating to the negligence of any Wishbone Pet Care and our staff and volunteers, owners, that relates directly or indirectly to any claim, cause of action or liability you may have or assert against Wishbone Pet Care relating to your pet’s stay and/or participation in activities while at the facility. 
  9. You further understand and agree that any problems with your pet, behavioral, medical or otherwise will be treated as deemed best by the staff of Wishbone Pet Care in their sole discretion. You agree with full financial responsibility that any cost of veterinary treatment incurred will be reimbursed to Wishbone Pet Care upon presentment of the veterinary invoice. You authorize Wishbone Pet Care to obtain medical records and/or treatments for your pet in the event of injury or illness from your veterinarian or from the closest veterinary clinic. By signing this document you further direct said veterinarian to provide such records upon request. Your dog’s health and welfare is Wishbone Pet Care’s primary concern, if we are unable to get in touch with you within a reasonable timeframe, we reserve the right to take the dog to any vet or the animal emergency clinic depending on the severity of the symptoms. 
  10. All pets must be current on all required and customary vaccinations, including, but not limited to, D.H.L.P.P. (Distemper, Leprotosis, and Parvo) Bordetella, Canine Influenza and Rabies. However, it is still possible for a pet to become ill, even if vaccinated. This is not due to any circumstance or condition at Wishbone Pet Care. You agree that Wishbone Pet Care is not liable for any illness suffered by your pet during or after its stay, including but not limited to Tracheobronchitis aka Canine Kennel Cough. If your pet has been treated for a contagious illness, we cannot accept your pet for at least 2 weeks after treatment has been completed and a statement of health is obtained from a licensed veterinarian. 
  11. You further understand that if you fail to provide proof of current vaccinations or if your pets’ vaccinations are found to be expired or otherwise incomplete, Wishbone Pet Care has the right to refuse service until current proof is provided. 
  12. You understand by allowing your pet to participate in services offered by Wishbone Pet Care. You hereby agree to allow your pet to be photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or advertising. All such photos belong solely to Wishbone Pet Care, Inc. 
  13. You acknowledge Wishbone Pet Care is not an animal hospital and does not have veterinary or other veterinary professionals on staff. 
  14. If your pet exhibits signs of illness during his/her stay (coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, fever), there are three options.
    You can pick up your pet,
    We can keep your pet in our isolation room for an additional $35 per day charge, or
    We can take your pet to a vet.
  15. Pets from the same family may board together, however, Wishbone Pet Care reserves the right to separate the pets if necessary.
  16. Damage Charges. Significant damage caused by dogs to boarding/daycare area will be charged as follows:

    • Molding: slight $25/extensive $50 
    • Mattress & cover: slight $25/extensive $50 
    • Other: Based on damage 
  17. Your Agent: You must provide an adult, over the age of 18, as your Agent. Your Agent must also be someone other than the primary pet parent(s). If we cannot reach you, you authorize us to contact the individual(s) designated as your agent. You agree that your agent shall have your full and complete authority to make all decisions, including the expenditure of funds, for or on behalf of you and your pet. 
  18. Pets not Pickup on Scheduled Date/Time: In the event that you or your agent does not pick up your pet on time or by a date specified, you hereby authorize us to continue to provide daily care to your pet at your expense. If an extension of services is required, payment in full is required prior to extending the date of services. 
  19. Pet Abandonment: Unless otherwise required by applicable law, if you fail to pick up your pet at the designated check out time, Wishbone Pet Care will proceed according to the guidelines provided by Texas Law Abandonment of animals by owner; procedure for handling. I also acknowledge that I will be fully responsible for all attorney’s fees and associated costs if I abandon my pet. We will continue care for your pet up to 7 days expected picked up date before taken to the local pet shelter. Wishbone Pet Care is not responsible for the care of my pet after 7 days. I will pay Wishbone Pet Care the cost of any such continuing care upon demand by Wishbone Pet Care. All cost will be charged to the owner’s credit card.
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