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At Plato, we make real treats for dogs

Wishbone Pet Care is proud to carry Plato® Pet Treats in Missouri City, Texas. We control every step of every treat’s journey and we know everyone in our food chain. Our treats are made in small batches and slow-roasted in our custom ovens in the heart of California. Added sugars, fillers and artificial additives are never part of our process.
Because we pride ourselves on quality, and that’s our philosophy.

Dog Treats
  • Dog Treats: Real Strips, Thinker Sticks, Small Bites, Single Ingredient Fish.
Dog Supplements
  • Dog Supplements: Bone Broth, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.
Come visit us at our Missouri City or Sugar Land location. We focus on your pet's wellness and only carry the higher quality food, treats, toys and more.