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At Wishbone Pet Care, we all love animals. We work hard on having the highest standard of pet care and we do whatever we can to have all pets in our care healthy and safe. We wish that no dog in our care ever starts coughing or have diarrhea or obtains any injury while playing with their friends. However, that no matter how amazing we are, these things will happen. Our goal is for you to feel so comfortable with our policies, procedures, and staff that even if something does happen, you trust that we are doing things right and it was an inevitable risk of attendance. 
If there is any area of concern that you have, we ask that you bring it to our attention immediately. We want you to trust us, not only because we are nice dog lovers, but because we are industry leaders in what we do and set a standard that is exceptionally high.


Diarrhea and loss of appetite caused by the stress of being away from home and in a new environment is always a possibility. Dogs that we haven't seen before, dogs staying for extended periods of time, and dogs that are immunocompromised are more likely to experience these problems.

  • If diarrhea, we cut back on the feeding for that day to help the tummy settle down and provide extra water to prevent dehydration. If it's continue several more times, we will inform the pet parent.
  • If lost of appetite, we will mix dry food with warm water and hand feed your pet. We also have pate and wet food to offer your pet if needed for additional cost.


Occasionally we find a dog that is so stressed or anxious that they injure themselves from their own actions while in their rooms. For example, a dog could rub their nose raw on the gate or their bedding. Or, perhaps a pet panics during a storm and hurts him or herself due to being in a heightened state of anxiety. A dog may lick a certain spot repeatedly causing a hot-spot. If the staff notices any behavior that may lead to injure, we take action immediately to help with the situation. We are open to any and all ideas parents may have to help lessen their pets' anxiety while staying with us.

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