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Cordoba Farms Available in Missouri City, TX

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Natural Body Care for dogs

Wishbone Pet Care is proud to carry Cordoba Farms in Missouri City, Texas. Cordoba Farms started from wanting to make a natural soap for my dog Ellie who has extremely sensitive skin and is allergic to all commercial-based shampoos. As a soap maker and dog lover my journey began researching and experimenting with recipes and techniques to create a product that would be safe for Ellie’s skin. After many bars and testing, Happy Dog was created and named for Ellie because she wasn’t sad after bath time with red, irritated and inflamed skin!


  • SWEET DOG shampoo
  • HAPPY DOG shampoo
  • ALOHA DOG shampoo

Come visit us at our Missouri City or Sugar Land location. We focus on your pet's wellness and only carry the higher quality food, treats, toys and more.