Have you noticed that your dog is chewing on his or her paws, losing patches of hair, or grooming excessively? If so, he or she might have allergies. We have heard from many pet parents who are having or have had this same issue and we’ve learned that trying a new brand of dog food can make a huge difference.

Most common allergies among dogs are from the food that they eat. Even if your pet is on the same food for years, they can develop allergies over time. Better brands might cost a few dollars more on the outset, but veterinary bills can add up with expensive testing, regular follow-ups, and steroid shots to help minimize the symptoms. Even with all of those visits, the problem won’t be solved until the source of the reactions has been addressed: the food they consume. In the long run, making a change could save you hundreds of dollars on vet bills.  

Here is what to look for when deciding what brand may be best for your pet:

  1. Be conscious of the top four allergens among dogs. According to a BMC Veterinary Research study, the top four allergens are beef, dairy, chicken, and wheat. If your dog is suffering from allergies, try eliminating some of these ingredients from their diet and see how they respond.
  2. The first five ingredients matter. The first ingredient should always be the type of meat that was advertised. Ingredients listed as “byproducts” (i.e. “chicken byproduct”) should never be in the top five. Also look for the first named source of fat in the ingredient list. Anything listed before that, and including it, make up the main portion of the food, other items are present in much smaller amounts to add flavor, function as preservatives or because of their dietary benefits (e.g. probiotics, vitamins and minerals).” 
  3. Look for food that is low in carbs. Many brands use corn, rice, potatoes, and tapioca as fillers in order to cut down costs and meet nutritional requirements but this practice has led to the opposite of what our dogs need: high-carb, low-protein diets. This contributes to large energy spikes and a growing number of obese and diabetic pets so finding brands that limit the use of these fillers is integral for every dog’s health.

If you decide to switch your pet food, we recommend Fromm and Nulo. Fromm has a great reputation for providing premium pet food with both grain-free and whole-grain options that use only natural preservatives. Nulo is great as well because their mission is to stop the progression of unhealthy lifestyles, obesity, and diabetes in dogs and cats with their low-glycemic, high-protein dog food that has its own patented probiotic.

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