Anyone who has a pet knows the anxious and sad feeling of leaving them behind when going out of town. A million questions constantly linger whether your pet is going to bed, eating properly, being taken care of, and overall if your pet is okay. We know what this feels like and how dreadful it can be to send your pet to be locked in a tight spaced cage all day. This is why we started Wishbone Pet Care.   

At Wishbone Pet Care, we treat your pet like they are our own. We have a full staff who love animals and, even more, love spending time with them. We take your pet out for a couple of walks each day. We have an outside courtyard for playtime, soaking up the sun and enticing dogs to play. After a long day of fun and interaction, they go soundly to sleep for bedtime. 

Right now you can book at Wishbone Pet Care and get 15% off. This offer is only valid till the end of February, so act soon. With our boarding, your lovely pet will get a daily walk, 3 potty breaks, and 1 hour of group play, all included in the price. We offer special discounts for college students, so if you’re a struggling student be sure to ask about our special pricing. Spring break is near, so if you planning on a trip be sure to leave your pet in caring hands.

Once you see how much we care for your pets, you will never feel sad leaving your pet again. We know the amount of care and nurturing a pet needs because we have pets of our own. We bring that to our pet care every single day so you won’t ever have to worry while you are gone. So be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Call us today at (281) 208-2708